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After working for over 33 years in the power industry, I know the importance of good paying jobs in a growing economy, job retention, and business development. When one chooses to raise their families in Northern Arizona, they need to be able to provide for their family. Northern Arizona should have the same job opportunities and safety as is provided in Phoenix. Workers are being impacted by the closing of some local coal power plants, now more than ever we need to work together with the local utility companies on creating and sustaining renewable clean jobs.


Northern Arizona public schools are vital to the success of our children. Many of the students in Holbrook  School district travel from the Navajo Nation, a commute of 1 to 2 hours by school bus or family member. The voucher program would affect my school district In funding, by taking money away from our more rural districts.

In addition to ensure not only our school funding is not being taken away, but being increased, we need to revert back to funding our trade school programs. Many students won't go off to college and that’s okay, but we need to have options for them. I went to a trade school - apprenticeship program that was funded, in part, by the state. We need to work with the Unions and make it available to all students in the last 2 years of High school. This is similar to the opportunity I was given, and have been able to do quite well for myself thanks to the education I was awarded.

In order to be competitive in the global economy and prepare our youth for the world, we cannot continue to support both a budget that takes money from our schools, and programs that lessen the qualifications for our teachers.

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  • Thomas Heering
    commented 2018-11-04 23:09:00 -0700
    To Whom it may CONCERN;
    People talk about clean, safe, environmentally safe and in expence energy. The Democrats in Arizona want 50% renewable energy by 2030. The Republicans don’t talk about it. Billions of dollars a year are spent on it! Since the first H bomb was exploded the research for a controller fusion, not fission reactor for which mountains are dug up to get the U-235 to run the reactor that result in millions of years of radioactive waste, which we have no safe way to store yet we take other nations radioactive waste that is a great environmentally unsafe. The electric car is not what is broad castes to be a “environmentally good thing to develop” as over 60 % of it’s power to recharge it comes from coal and the fusion reactor, both of which are environmental disasters to burn or use to create electricity, is used to generate generate electricity in the USA! Solar panels are another environmentally disaster that besides when they expire they are put in the dumps where they pollute the environment and kill over 100,000 Chinese yearly, who produce 98% of the elements for solar panels as no one wants the environment impact in their country, to mine the raw materials to produce the solar panels. How come it is well know that for over 60 years the FUSSION, not the current fusion, reactor has been in development and is now, in just 2 more years made available! Lochead Martain has taken the Russian Tomahawk Reactor design and shrunk it, unlike the ITER project which is five stories tall, and expects to have it running by 2020 only for fractions of a second with no power generation! The FUSSION REACTOR IS THE CLEANEST, SAFEST, WITH THE LEAST ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT OF ALL ENERGY SOURCES AND LEAST EXPENSIVE OF ALL ENERGY SOURCES. WHY RE YOU NOT TALKING ABOUT IT? ARE YOU THAT STUPID (OR IGNORANT OF IT) OR JUST RUN BY THE FOSSIL FUEL CORPORATIONS? IF YOU ARE THAT IGNORANT of it then go to, to start with, a short briefing on Blockheads Fusion Reactor by going to This should be just a start of increasing you knowledge of the Fusion Reactor. Please note this message to you will be posted on my website, (American Pride, Integrity and Guts) when it is released and put on line by December 1st, 2018. No response will be noted on it as will any response as the future of this country and the world it’s people will be greatly affected by this new energy source!

    Thomas Edward Heering
    (928) 592-3414
  • Bobby Tyler
    published this page 2017-11-04 13:42:20 -0600